The month passed and I have a "new" little papercraft for you.
It is another antigravity craft from PSPs Wipeout Pure game.
Let me introduce you the AG-Systems team and their two models:o)

AG-Systems crafts

The year passed and I make another update..finally.
I hope that, most people belive in fact-" my pages are not dead" .
The counter show it clearly..There is a "hard core" of fans who belive..Thanks
......but, what happend, pages was holded or what?....

I surrender..there was not time for update.

fact no.1: I am alone for all that stuff..
It has positive and negative aspects together.
Positive thing is ,that I have full control of my web and stuff Ive send into the internet.
Negative aspect of that is time-update ability.
Time is pretty shortage goods.
And You must cut it in into multiple pieces (family, work,sleep...:o)).

fact no.2:Somebody must create,build and share the models..
That is a major "guzzler" of free time.
Lately Ive noticed ,that Im creating more & more difficult models...
Research & progress of these things takes months. :o/.

fact no.3:Update itself.
Each model must have its own page. Page with text,
pictures, graphic things and file for download.
I have perfectionalist deformation , so all these things I make myself...again
At last of all that....I write the pages in HTML kinky....

Well ......lots of stuff to do.....anyway..

Be sure .... Its not over yet. Web has a lil bit silent year,
but lots of things (models) happend...

Firstly a little web-facelift was made. Couple of sections was added.
The web was moved a little bit near to the left corner.The Info column is the reason.
There will be lots of news about new sections and wip updates.
I mean new sections like Questionnaires or project
In the future you can track the Info column and the date in its segments.
If you want to know more, just look into ALIENSPAPERCRAFT 2.1version.

In perpetuity I leave the multi-lingual Alienspapercraft web concept.
There was a chance to make a web in Spain, Portugal or German language.
All that offers Ive refused...but thanks.
The russian version was canceled .:o(
Reason?....Time, place, administration = lots of work for one man.
Maybe, in a far future.... in Alienspapercraft ver.3 or so..
..there is a little think about it.

Uf that was demanding :o)..Well...we can focus on the updates individually.
At first, we have few backlogs here.They are completed,
but their release-date was delayed.

In Aliens models section are placed another variations
of machines and crafts in 1:148 (colony) scale.

click to enlarge
M577-APC 27 - yellow APC - as a long missing part for the Dropship No.27 .
M577-APC-CRU - black APC - as the part of the Dropship CRU.

Next. UD-4LX(X2) Cheyenne utility dropship marked as 08 & 09
You can saw it for the first time in Brno paper competition (1.3.2008) as a trophy.

In the Bonus model section are some minor things and new model.

The Judge Dredds Lawgiver gun has some serious accessory in the shape
of badge and book of law ....finally.
The gun was so alone :o).

And now...the major bonus update....

The Terran marine cannon from Starcraft 2 game (cinematic railer).
Most of you (visitor of alienspapercraft) allready have this model
...downloaded before from another source..
Reason is simple. Model was created exclusively for czech portals about Starcraft 2 game.
--Which portals were in this conspiracy involved? See the Links section.--
Their exclusivity ends today.From now on
You can find the terran cannon in the bonus section also.
Basic idea was: Same release date of the cannon and the game,
but the game was x-times delayed.Thats the reason of the publicity...
And oh yes ..The gun is (including display stand) in 1:1 scale and has 73.5 cm in lenght.

I hope, that you absorb all these informations and see you soon ....

Rkr 2008