At final:the Links page is here.
But first I want to offer you some of my banners to exchange.
They are useful for your links to my pages.

Banners are unificated by the standarts from the internet.
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2versions of vertical banner 120x240

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classical buttons: button1 120x60

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Your links:

 modern web about IT
First link is my Provider: HUMLAK the metropolitan network.
There are few really good web cams.
(Trutnov square,Zacler square, a Krkonose mountains)
..all in high definition.

 Anelinns czech beadworks web
Next link is Anelinns interesting web about beadwork.

 English web about links to free papermodels
English web full of links to free papermodels

 Forum about czech papermodels
Forum about czech papermodels-lots of plans and links there.

 info-web abou papermodels
Info-web about papermodels-lots of good links there

google group - papermodels 2
Google group about papermodeling called Papermodels 2.
Smartgroups follower.

Information web about Terminator
Web about Terminator events - lots of informations there.
I´mean good informations about everything from the Terminator world.

Friendly pages and partners in building of a papercraft from the Starcraft 2 game

czech portal about Starcraft 2
Czech information portal about everything from the world of Starcraft 2 .

czech fan web about Starcraftu 2
Really good fan pages about Starcraft 2 game - now: the drawing competition is running.
(first partner of Alienspapercraft) .

another good fan web about Starcraftu 2
Another excellent fan pages about Starcraft 2 - lots of tales there :o)

Official portal of Starcraft 2
Official english portal of Starcraft 2 PC game. There are lots of Hi -res screenshots ,
bunch of quality videos and more great things for download.

This page is still in development and the links number is still increasing.

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