After month, a new Update is here.
Befor that, I wish to ALIENSPAPERCRAFT pages lots of good luck.
The web exist 5 years.(and 2 months) HAPPY BIRTHDAY :o)

I don´t supposed it, when I established my web in 10.6.2002
that it will have (for internet pages) such an age.
Now back to the papercrafts :
Endo Rifle from the Terminator (1,2,3) movie is FINISHED!!!.
You can download it from Bonus models/Terminator/Endo Rifle section
or click into the picture located below.

At the last time... I´ve found this BRILIANT video ALIENS - SLEEPING SUN
This music video shows you the Heroes from the colonial marines
..and their fate...:o(
thanks to DarthAzathoth and his skills used in making this video.
Yeah ...and thanks to NIGHTWISH for the emotional song.

Before that the Endo rifle will be ready for download,
i´ve prepared 2 videos just for you.
The first video is a result of 3D modeling of Hadley´s Hope colony.
You can watch it right here.

...and couple of pics.

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
second video is waiting in the TERRAFORMING section,
and shows you how´s big the c.c.v.Gaspra against The Sulaco.

.. WIP section is is full of new pics and one vid,
from the biulding of the prototype of Terminator Endo rifle
..I must say it look really real and fits good in the hand..all in 1:1 scale:o)
The model of the rifle has 65 cm in try to look....

WIP pages are updated....try to look there,
for new projects.


The russina mutation of my pages isn´t working yet.
I apologize to all of you,but I can´t change the launch date 4-times.
Azbuka and other addons I upload continously.

At last..after long time we have a new papercrafts here.
In the ALIENS MODELS section you can find a small
(1:148) special APC with 09 mark on it.
It is a fist model from the diorama of the landing platform with experimental dropship
and vehicles called Airport 09.

There is a big load in the bonus models.
In first row will be probably the Terminator CPU.
It´s a first fly of the big project of the Terminator in 1:1 scale.
The head specially..

Next:The whole section of Antigravity Crafts from Wipeout Pure game is opening.
Estimate number of the craft is 28!!!.And in the final case the crafts
will be displayed in the part of the track as the exhibition before the race.
The finished crafts and ready for download are:
Assegai, Feisar, Puma 1,Coke and Icaras.

This theme grabs me so hard ,that I´ve created my own AG craft design.
There was an idea in the WIPEOUT ZONE forum, that the craft can be familiar to
the X-Wing fighter from Star Wars.

It´s name is EXO and is ready to download in the wipeout section too..
So, let´s the craftbuilding begin......Yours (Alien99)Rükr

Rükr © 2008