One day in the WIPEOUT-ZONE forum an idea of X-wingish craft was discovered.
Ive grabbed it and here it is-my creation the EXO antigravity craft
It is the short word for ExtraOrdinary.
And once again must thanks to guy nicked as Sausehuhn for creating
in-game screenshots for me.
(and is one of the easy-build crafts :o))
...more info and news at: wipeoutzone forum .
see you there ...


The 3d model has the similar design for better fit into the world of wipeout crafts..
And easy shape with low-polygon surface for better building.

Texturing or coloring was pretty interesting.
The team colours must be totally different from other crafts.
Ive decided for green-as the main team color,
combined with yellow and untraditional black.
I think that the livery Ive chosen becomes it.

IDEA..................... vs.......PAPERCRAFT

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The model of the one EXO craft has 24 parts, Display stand,
designed as a part of the track has 8 parts
.The level of laboriousness is 2/5 thanks to the detailed parts.
The pdf document with the whole model
is located below.....(click at the picture)

Download exo.pdf document HERE


The exo.pdf document including:
.....Original Exo antigravity craft
.2nd livery Exo antigravity craft
.......Display stand for Exo craft
............................Building plan
Document size: 2606kb


As a little bonus..Ive prepared a PC wallpaper for you.

in various sizes...
.......Download the resolution you need
640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768


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you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or higher installed
in your computer.For downloading the latest version of this freeware
go to the Adobe pages.

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