Welcome to my video-corner.
At first I apologyse to all papercrafts fans
for holding my work at the papermodels.
- for a while...I hope
Im trying to create the events between the ALIEN and ALIENS movies
and using the 3d studio Max 5.0 for creating my vision.
But Im rokie, the beginner in the world of CGI animation
and 3d studio itself...so be patient with me.
So...Ive called my CGI-aliens based-fan-movie...

it is about the journey of the colonists to their
new home - the planetoid LV 426.
IN the year 2148 the colony construction vehicle "the GASPRA"
is flying to its new destination
with the 129 colonists , the parts of the colony and the atmosphere processor on board.

The story tell you the events...what happends after Nostromo explosion...
..I hope that Il tell you all the story I want....

1.8.2007- Ive created a little video, that shows size comparation
of c.c.v.Gaspra and u.s.s. Sulaco.Both ships are on the Eart orbit...
...and couple of pics..follows.

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

and here is the videoclip ..and one more interest:
Pentium 4(1.6 GHz) worked on it 400 hours.

here is the first trailer that shows the CCV GASPRA on the Earth orbit
with atmosphere processor in progress.
And the beginning of the journey.

In the second trailer you can see the defense system of the ship
..this is one of the events that the mainframe-D.A.L. must solve.

And here it is: First part of my fan-movie...
..shows the interiors of the ship...but it is not exactly what I want..
in the field of sound effects and music..anyway: here it is..:o)

THE REST WILL BE SOON....thats not true thistime.

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