NEW section in tle left menu was created.
Ive called it TERRAFORMING
and if you want more, just go there....
Trats why there is no new papermodel a long time.

And here it is ..the new papercraft:o)..called
Prototype Attacker AKANE
it is a plane from the coin up arcade
and you can find it in the BONUS section.

and new papercraft on the way......soon.

from the 12th May 2005 Ive been disconnected.
.My internet connection was cutted off,because I ve changed my habit.
I hope that my connection will be OK soon....
Im sorry for those people Im not answered during my email.

FINALLY!!!...the 2nd part of the landig grid area is here.
the rar archive is ready for download in the lv426 area
under the colony building and structures...:o)
and dont forgot the pass: ALIENS :o)

30.1.2005 ~ 1.2..2005
so...we have a new year...sorry for that,but I have not
any new model for download.I have lots of other work to do.
(rebuilding my home and so on...)
thats why there is no more time for constructing my Aliens models
But , dont worry: the building process continues....piece by piece...
slowly but surely.....:o)

At first try to look into the wip section
Im working at the Dropship 3D model again :o)
...after long break :o)
Im trying to create as much moving parts as the papermodel can hold.
There will be elevating pods (front and rear), wing parts.....and
Competely moving legs and bay door!!!

for closer (and faster :o) look... go here , to the dropship wip page.

At second:...Im working at the second part of the landing grid area
for 3 months.....:o))...Is allmost done~90% complete.
For more info...go to the wip pages.

Rkr 2008