I´ve completed another little model
for the Hadley´s Hope diorama.It´s a Crane
If you know It ´s located in the front of the North Lock Module
Model is located under the LV426-planes & vehicles section:o)

Here we have the promissed Terrazi patterns.
Racing Team Solvalou (02)
R.C.Micro Mouse Mappy (83)
Dig Racing Team (14)
+ some other things.....
All this, you can find under terrazi folder
in the bonus section

Another upload is done...uf
It´s a car from Playstation® game RIDGE RACER 4
and..it´s placed in the BONUS section of the web
lets burn the tires-=>

HOORAY..my pages are running 2 years :o)
I´ve completed some landing grid structures,
but not in the full score.
This project takes lots of time ,so I´ve decided to public
structures I allready have.
So look for the Landing grid parts
in the LV426 structures section.
And... try to look there:o)

Another papercraft is finished..uf
after two months of developing,completing...etc.
It is Judge Dredd´s personal gun called: Lawgiver.
And... you can find it in BONUS section :o)

At last,another papercraft is finished..
You can find it under the BONUS models.
It is the remake of the GALAXIA starship
from the same named great czech comix.

Happy new year to everyone and lots of fun with papercrafts.
My pages have some changes..

a) All the videos (those AVI movies) are deleted.
The reason is is simple: I need more web space :o(
I have 100 Megs for all this stuff only.
So there are short no sound looping clips
(coded with Mpeg 4 V2 codec).
like this:

I hope you enjoy this..

b) And you can have my ALIENS PAPERCRAFT CD.
with all my paper models in extracred form (bitmaps).

The price is not too high...150 Crowns(5 Euro)+ postage only.
You can mail me your adress and I will send you the cd
....cash on delivery.

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