Pen & pencil section, just like other art sections
is splitted on creations before and after year 2000

2x - M41 A USCM - girl

Samus Aran - R95-96 base infected cover for fictious PSX game - R99 alien in atmosphere processor R95

Pen & pencil are my most used tools.
Sometimes I´m using color pencils too..
but most of the time now I´m working with mouse and tablet.

It happends sometimes, that I find my long lost picture.
Jist like this Lady & mercedes. The picture was approx 6 years sticked
onto garage door and then it was 5 years somewhere outdoor in the wood pile.
Thats why it is look like piece of crap ...I took a photo of it
and then... the picture was destroyed.

Slečna & mercedes - R97
Original does not exist, but i have still the photo of it. One year passed
aan today (3.9.2009) I´ve decided to "renew" it...why?
I think that , this picture is one of few successful things (1997) from that era.
Well..I don´t want to loose it..ok..
Boring work in Paintshop brings some result...the basic drawing is more visible now.

Slečna & mercedes - paintshop polotovar
In this point the computer work ends. The picture was printed and
I began to work on it old way:
classical pencil drawing..and ..I thing that,
the "renew" old picture looks pretty good.

Slečna & mercedes - R09

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