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What happend after U.S.S.SULACO arrival at the orbit of LV-426?
Or things that were not in the Aliens movie.(*fan fiction this time*)

In the age , when I created the cgi movie TERRAFORMING activly
(there is not time for that now) I maked a turn into the "time"
of Sulaco arrival in the orbit in 2179 .
I had a good 3D model (for CGI animation) of the ship from D.Proctor.
A few moments of arrival was made.

The dead project ALIEN HIVE RPG helped me a lot.
The Sketches for this project specially.
One of them was unfolding GPS sattelite for one use.

I began to play with the idea,what happen on board of the Sulaco,
befor the awakening of the marines. (or their launch with the dropship).
What mode (way) using "ship" for mapping the surface and how receive the necessary data?
How about release some GPS sattelites, combined with the spy technology?
....and Plan was born..

And here are some visual materials for better imagination

Buterfly 001 is trying to reach the weiland-yutani sattelite
named WYRO-583 and download all necessary data.

zoom 100 zoom 300 zoom 600
And what is that sattelite for?

WYRO-583 or Reconnaissance orbiter of Weiland Yutani company
is monitoring the surface, saving info about wearther systems ,geological activity,
and worknig as GPS with few probes also. It is able to transfer the long range comunication,
if the UP-link antenna on the surface is damaged.

Its a good assistant for procpectors to various explorations of "unmapped surface".
After downloading necessary data to uss Sulaco main frame , the common officer
can see ,that mr.Jorden wanted surface pictures , vulcanic activity and actual
weather situation in some unexplored sector...

..And made the spectral analysis of the whole area with interesting result.

Buterfly 003 - U.S.S.Sulaco localization and focus test..

zoom 100 zoom 300 zoom 600

Hope that,here will be more sattelites in the future.
Lots of them are undiscovered in the orbit.

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