For 4 years there is floating a discussion thru the ICQ and now thru the Skype too,
about papermodel of the Terminator in 1:1!!! scale.
The idea is great and I like it,I´m a fan of Terminator endoskeleton.
But in the realization of it are standing 3 things:
Time, limited modelling capabilities of AutoCad 2000
and other projects of Wipeout Pure models.
Terminator T-800 is like thin red line in all those " paper"events.
Thanx to Roman..alias Killer 22 I´ve returned to this theme.
The first thing from the terminator world is small CPU...
Created in 1:1 scale, what else....
and showed in 2 versions of cpu and 2 versions of details.
The broken-one from Terminator 1 and the completed-one from Terminator 2
are splitted into 2 versions -easy and hard(detailed) one......
that means 4 models..
If you want to know more,try to look into the
into the ostatni modely section.


3d model was easy work.
All four versions was done in one afternoon.

Texturing: 2 days of work..

PATTERN........... vs.........PAPERCRAFT

klik pro větší obrázekklik pro větší obrázek

klik pro větší obrázekklik pro větší obrázek

klik pro větší obrázekklik pro větší obrázek

.Level of laboriousness is 1/5 for easy versions
and 3/5 for hard versions, specially for the level of details-
small parts.The chip itself has 5.5 cm in lenght.
The pdf document with the whole thing
is located below.....(click into the picture)

Stahujte terminatorchip.pdf dokument ZDE


terminatorchip.pdf document including:
....Easy version of the T1 cpu
....Hard version of the T1 cpu
....Easy version of the T2 cpu
....Hard version of the T2 cpu
..........................Building plan
The document has: 1138kb


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