Experimental dropship


As I wrote in Blueprints section before:

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Next creation is experimental too. The UD-4LXR CRU,
The R letter means,that the ship is equipped and controlled with the robotic unit (a.i.)

...all done for ALIENS LEGACY forum

These drawings catched me,so I ve decided to make a papercrafts from them.
Second was the prototype CRU.
Redrawing the green sheets of the 01 dropship was easy.
The rest in the shape of some extra parts was easy too.
Papercraft was completed in 2008, but there was no time and motivation
for release.In the competition in Brno 7.2.2009 has model it´s premiere,
as a papercraft for winner of 2´nd volume of Alienspapercraft cup..


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The CRU ship has lots of similar parts with their predecessors.
It is about 90 parts + few extra things.The lab. level is somewhere about 3/5.
...happy downloading .

Download pdf document dropshipcru here


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