this is the place , where will be the whole colony.

After a long development it is.
The first part of the Hadley´s hope colony..
It is the NORTH LOCK module
,the place where marines enters the colony....
This module is signed as a MOD 5 in the movie.
So I´ve decided to split the whole colony into 5 structure parts.
MOD 1 sign: South Lock Module ,Garage and casino.
MOD 2 sign: East Lock Module and Service module....
MOD 3 sign: Core, Service modules and tunnels..........
MOD 4 sign: West Lock Module + COM.tower...........
MOD 5 sign: North Lock Module and front buildings...
Oh yes..there will be also the Landing grid and the Wind-break walls.
And the atmosphere processor and the Derelict ship later.

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The model is easy to build: 56 parts is not too much.:o).
This is 1st part of the LV426 colony complex diorama.
The Module is not too hard = is easy to build,but large parts.
Level of laboriousness is 2/5 then .
And..sure it is in 1:148 scale....
So happy building first structure...

Download lv426-northlock.rar archive

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