Internet browsers & javascript menu compatibility:

This readings are orientational, so if you have a different...just write me
This test was realised by me with my limited time and resources.

The First browser in the row is INTERNET EXPLORER 5.5 & 6
Javascript menu works fine and without any problem.
You donīt need to allow the blocked content.
working fine

Next is his follower:INTERNET EXPLORER 7
There is no problem too.Only thing you must do is: allow the blocked content.
Javascript menu works fine also.
working fine

Here is the famous and most people favourite FIREFOX 2.0
In this browser the javascript menu doesnīt work correctly.Submenus in the pop-up menu
are located in the end of the main page,but the function of the submenus is preserve.
If this obstruction make you angry, then the Banner menu is here for you.
little obstruction,but still working

Next known browser is: OPERA 9 .
Itīs sad ,but in this browser the javascript menu does not working.
Main menu is displayed correctly bu somehow freezes and submenus are gone.
The reason is that the Opera need to download some plugin maybe.
But the notice doenīt displayed ,so the reason "why" I donīt know.
Anyway, if you are normally using this browser (like me)
the anounced Banner menu is here just for you.

Last known browser is NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR
I have not readings with this If you are using it , just write me you test with
the javascript menu...If itīs working or not....
not tested

This page is still new and informations here are continually updated.

All things here are my readings.
and someone can disagree with that..
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